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About JD Royce Hair & Scalp

Danielle Royce

Hair loss shouldn’t rule your life. There are many solutions available to you. There are many types of solutions. There are solutions for every level of hair loss. Where in the past there were only a few solutions, today we know more about hair loss solutions then ever before. We have many solutions to meet the needs of men and women and children. We have been in the hair replacement and restoration industry since 1992. We are recognized as one of the top providers in our industry of cutting-edge hair loss solutions. We can help you with diagnostic testing to determine what nutritional might be causing or exacerbating you’re your hair loss issues. We believe healthy hair starts with healthy nutrition and a healthy scalp. We offer micronutrient testing to help optimize your health. We offer microscopic analysis of your scalp to determine what is going on at a microscopic level and we have products to treat the problems. We consider ourselves to be partners to our clients in their hair solutions journey. We also offer laser treatments. We offer stock hair pieces and wigs as well as custom made wigs and 3D printed prosthetics. We also offer topical cosmetic solutions. At JD Royce Hair & Scalp. we want what you want, to help you look and feel awesome about the way you look. We want to help you find the answers you are looking for. We understand how important your privacy is. We offer private consultation rooms to discuss your hair loss concerns as well as private rooms for any service. We not only are able to do any service needed for human hair and synthetic solutions, but we also can cut, color and style your hair.

At JD Royce Hair & Scalp, hair loss solutions are personal

JD Royce Hair & Scalp is a local business, which is family owned. JD Royce Hair & Scalp is Run by James and Danielle Royce. Danielle Royce first experienced hair loss after a surgery and has struggled with hair loss due to nutritional deficiencies and wears toppers and custom-made prosthetics. Danielle and her husband currently use trichology products and nutritional supplements to manage their hair loss. Hair loss to the Royce is personal and they understand hair loss and its affects personally. We are always considerate of your privacy and hair needs.

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How to get started

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When you first join us at JD Royce Hair & Scalp. Your journey will begin with a Consultation. This is when we will get to know each other and discuss your personal history with hair loss. We want to know where you have been and want to help you decide what your next steps should be. At that time, we will determine what steps you should take next. We will help you on your journey to free you up and make you feel amazing.

Hair replacement from JD Royce Hair & Scalp

Hair loss has many causes, heredity, thyroid conditions, hormonal imbalances, nutritional deficiencies, medications, surgeries, chemotherapy, radiation, trichotillomania, accidents, burns, surgeries and stress. No matter what the cause we have the answer. Hair loss has the nature of being aggressive over time so don’t wait come in for a consultation start restoring your hair health and confidence.