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I get asked all the time “why am I losing my hair?” There are many reasons why women lose their hair. I can’t say that one reason for hair loss is more prominent than another. One of the things I tell each and every women that comes to me is that hair loss is always a symptom of inflammation, and worth investigation into the underlying reason.

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Hair Loss in Women

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Psychological Impact of Hair Loss in Women

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Hair Loss in Women cause a significant psychological reaction. The first reaction of women is to panic. It is understanding that many women suffer a severe decrease in self esteem. Hair shedding is not physically painful, however it often causes severe emotional pain and distress. Thinning hair is hard to ignore and as we battle hair loss it is not unusual to experience depression, self loathing and the desire to avoid intimate contact. Many women realize how much their self perception It is based on how they look. Society unfairly associates beautiful silky hair with beauty, youth, and vitality. DO NOT PANIC, JD Royce Hair & Scalp can help.

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Some contributing factors to hair loss including but not limited to:

  • Dieting and Hair Loss
    • Poor Diet
    • Gastric Bypass
  • Other Types of Hair Loss
    • Cosmetic Chemicals
    • Heredity
    • Pregnancy
    • Environment
    • Tight Hair Styles
  • Three generations of women

    How to get started

    When you first join us at JD Royce Hair & Scalp. Your journey will begin with a Consultation. This is when we will get to know each other and discuss your personal history with hair loss. We want to know where you have been and want to help you decide what your next steps should be. At that time, we will determine what steps you should take next. We will help you on your journey to free you up and make you feel amazing! Please don’t hesitate to Contact Us .

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